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New Parent Information

We are compiling a list of "FAQs" for new parents, whether you are new to the area or a have a kindergartener this year. We hope to add to these throughout the fall!
The answer ultimately is one for the school administrators and your child's teacher to answer. From at PTO perspective, we know that Terraset highly encourages parent involvement. Of course, we parents also need to avoid distrupting educational activities. Please check with your child's teacher before "dropping in!" Advanced notice is almost always required before parents can visit the classroom.

Volunteering at the school via the PTO is a great way to participate and interact with your child. We have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year!
You must check-in at the office every time you are at the school during school hours, whether it is to pick your child up, drop something off, or volunteer. You also must check-out before leaving. Be prepared to have your driver's license or other valid ID.

The first time you check-in will take a bit longer because you need to register with the system. We recommend anticipating 10-15 minutes. Subsequent check-ins will be very quick.
No! You must still check-in at the office when you arrive on school grounds.
Fairfax County Public Schools take student safety very seriously. We will defer to the school to describe the various procedures in place for natural or other emergencies, but please keep in mind:
  • Discuss with your children the importance of following adult instructions during any drill or school event.
  • Never drive/walk/bike to the school because you learned of a lock-down, shelter-in-place, or other security event. They can not let you in!
  • Remember that the procedures practiced at Terraset are put in place by FCPS and are not specific to the school. If you disagree with a procedure, take it up with our school board members and not school administration!
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, please look for updates from FCPS's official text messages and emails. The PTO is not a source of information during these situations.
The PTO is managed by an Executive Committee, comprised of five officers and the chairs of standing committtees. Officers are elected annually with terms beginning the day after the end of the school year. PTO members are needed to help operate programs, organize events and support in-school PTO activities.
Volunteers are always needed! Check out our volunteer page for opportunities and make sure you are receiving PTO emails to keep up-to-date on all activities!
Kiss & ride is the student drop-off / pick-up line, should you need to drive your student to/from school. It is very important you enter and exit following the posted signs, and stay in line at all times! It is against the rules (and dangerous) to pull out of line to drive around other waiting cars. Even if your child has entered/exited your vehicle, wait to pull through as directed.
Please feel free to contact us by email. You can currently contact the PTO at getinfo@terrasetpto.org
Terraset's first ever Homecoming Dance
The annual Homecoming Parade
Students participate in the 2017 Homecoming Parade

What We Do

Supporting Terraset

The Terraset PTO supports Terraset students and staff, supplements school budgetary needs, and promotes a fun, welcoming environment. Some of what we do:

  • Purchase Technology For Classrooms
  • Purchase Books for the Bookroom
  • Support School Fieldtrips
  • Sponsor Teacher Continuing Education
  • Provide In-School Volunteers
  • Host Family Activities

Interested in helping? Please drop us a line

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What's Ahead?

Field Day

K-4th Grades on June 3rd, 5th & 6th Grades on June 6th. Volunteer to Help!

Terraset PTO Elections

The final PTO meeting of the year is Wednesday June 5th at 7pm in the Terraset Library

The All New Terraset Elementary School PTO

Launching April 2017